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Patrick Kosiol is a brown eyed, dark brown haired, right-handed, well educated, meat loving, purpose driven, happily self-employed, risk taking, goal seeking, problem solving, early rising, passive income generating, highly motivated, energetic, disciplined, persistent, optimistic, fearless, and pro active... writer, speaker, blogger, computer programmer, entrepreneur and archetypal Cancer. He's extroverted introvert, a logical intuitive, and an insatiably curious seeker of the truth. As a nonsmoker Patrick mostly gets pissed off if someone wants to poison the live-loving people's air. He feels no sympathy for people who die on lung cancer caused by intensive smoking.

Right after Patrick was born in Eastern-Germany (the former socialistic part of Germany) he overcame his fulfilled childhood and finished his school and university studies on computer science. Serendipitously, Patrick remained addicted to the "intelligence w/o morale" as a child of the e-generation. He started to work, study and live abroad to enrich his view of life and become one of the most intensely growth-oriented individuals you'll ever know.

You can find Patrick on: LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


[c ... closed source | o ... open source]

VideoSim [c]:
is a driving simulator based on real tracks in combination with the according GPS positions. In the scope of human machine interaction (HMI) research, there was a need to offer the driver more complex driving situations as every existing simulator at the HMI research center had. It is written in Java using the Java Media Framework (JMF) to render the recorded MPEG4 encoded videostreams. In addition there is used a wrapper called JXInput to get access to Windows' DirectX interface for using speed pedals and the steering wheel.

Publish Subscriber Service [o]:
is a lightweight client-server based framework to subscribe an information service by category which's information is served (published) by the server. It is based on Peter J Jones' (formerly pmade.org) SafePt POSIX thread wrapper and the C++ Standard Template Library (STL).

Guestbook [c]:
is a lightweight guestbook implementation using CSS, JavaScript, PHP and a MySQL database.

SL [o]:
was a project to teach the students how to act and work in a team. Its target was to provide an ArcIMS based information system for students about interesting places nearby the university.

Bfpl [c]:
is a client-server system to provide a network wide information system for train schedules of a company's railway network. Server and client are written in Java (servlet/applet combination) using an Apache Tomcat web server to provide the schedule information from a proprietary file database.

TaBu [c]:
is a program for achievement disposition at railway companies. It is written in C++ using the QT framework and the object-oriented database Fastobjects e7.


[2003-01] Report for project Bfpl (German | PDF).

[2003-02] Presentation for project Bfpl (German | PDF).

[2003-10] Presentation for project Guestbook (German | PDF).

[2004-01] Report - Attacking computer systems (German | PDF).

[2004-01] Presentation - Attacking computer systems (German | PDF).

[2004-10] Diploma thesis - project VideoSim (German with English abstract | PDF).

[2004-10] Presentation - project VideoSim (German | PDF).

[2004-11] HowTo install the TeX/LaTeX editor LyX using Windows (English | HTML).

[2005-04] HowTo get the MS Windows XP SP2 Bluetooth stack work with officially not supported Bluetooth devices (English | HTML).

[2005-11] HowTo install Apache, PHP and PostgreSQL on a FreeBSD box; optional with phppgadmin. (soon)

[2005-12] Presentation - Wireless part of "Communication in Data Networks" in cooperation with Tobias Giese at "Salza Gymnasium" Bad Langensalza (German | PDF).

[2007-04] HowTo setup a Server4You vServer to serve SSL (German | HTML).

[2015-~] Swapit Blog on Entrepreneurship in Hong Kong, Asia and around the world.(English | Web).

appearances, interviews & speeches

[2005-12] Speech computer science class at "Salza Gymnasium" Bad Langensalza, Germany: Communication in data networks.

[2010-01-27] Speech BlackBerry Developer Challenge 2009 Hong Kong: Receiving Gold Award for DisasterAlert by Skylab Mobilesystems Limited.

[2010-07-09] Interview Mingpao Newspaper: Top 3 app by S4BB Limited.

[2010-07-15] Interview IT Times: App business with S4BB Limited.

[2010-07-12] Interview PC Market Magazine: App success by S4BB Limited.

[2010-11-12] Interview Hong Kong Economic Times: App team work at S4BB Limited.

[2011-02-03] Interview e-zone Magazine: A BlackBerry® hacker at DEVCON Asia.

[2011-07-20] Speech Web Wednesday Hong Kong: Battle of the Apps - presenting SmartWiFi by S4BB Limited.

[2011-08-11] Interview Time Warner Hong Kong: AsiaPac Senior Leaders Programme - representing S4BB Limited.

[2011-11-16] Panel Mobile Monday Hong Kong: Mobile location-based-services.

[2011-11-17] Panel Mobile Asia Congress: Mobile marketing - representing S4BB Limited.

[2015 - ~] Hundreds of Pitches, Public Speeches, Panels about Swapit and Entrepreneurship in general - representing Swapit Limited.


1980 * in Bad Langensalza / Germany.

1992 got the first PC (i286, 8/16MHz, 1MB Ram, 20MB HDD).

1994 wrote the first small Qbasic program (MS DOS 5.0).

1996 got access to the internet.

1999 graduated from Salza Gymnasium ("Abitur").

1999-2000 compulsory service in the German army.

2000-2004 studies of Communications and Application of Information Technologies at HS Harz University of Applied Studies and Research (Wernigerode).

2001-2002 test and software engineer for project TaBu at HS Harz in cooperation with IBS GmbH Hanover.

2002 fair exhibitor for the project TaBu at CeBIT Hanover.

2002-2003 software engineer - project Bfpl at IBS GmbH Hanover.

2003 tutor at HS Harz for the classes: programs and data structures, geo information systems and object-oriented programming.

2003 team leader (of 8 team members) for the project SL at HS Harz.

2004 fair exhibitor for project TaBu at CeBIT Hanover.

2004 software engineer for project VideoSim at Robert Bosch GmbH Hildesheim, department Cooperate Research and Development in the scope of HMI.

2004 graduated from HS Harz with the German computer science engineering degree of Dipl.-Inf.(FH).

2005-2006 Chinese language (mandarin) studies at Yunnan Normal University.

2005-2007 living in Kunming (People's Republic of China).

2005-~ software engineer and Head of Development at Skylab Mobilesystems Limited creating location-based-service applications for mobile devices.

2006-~ co-founded S4BB Limited where he is responsible for the overall business as CEO. Also launched Hong Kong Shared Office.

2006-~ founded Nezok Research Labs Limited.

2007 appointed Director at Skylab Mobilesystems Limited with its brand Sky Drone.

2008-~ living in Hong Kong SAR.

2009-~ co-founded Slate Takes Limited where he is responsible for the financial viability of video productions as CFO.

2011-~ co-founded TreeCrunch Limited where he is overseeing its Visual Cloud Services as Technical Director.

2012-~ co-founded Sky Drone where he is advising the Sky Drone team.

2015-~ co-founded Swapit Limited where he drives the business as Co-Founder and CEO.

2014 got married.

2015 became father to a beautiful babygirl.

2018 moved back to Germany.

2019 became father to another beautiful babygirl.

2020 became certified tour guide and launched Salza GF.

2021 joined the board of directors of the tour guide association Gästeführer-Zunft Bad Langensalza e.V. (voluntary work)

2021 became deputy parents speaker of the primary school class of his eldest daughter. (voluntary work)

2023 became parents speaker of the kindergarten KiTa Birkenwiese in Bad Langensalza. (voluntary work)

2023 became reading ambassador of the city library of Bad Langensalza. (voluntary work)

2023 became member of the city council of Bad Langensalza. (voluntary work)

2024 runs for mayor in Bad Langensalza. More at kosiol24.de (German).

Email: contact[AT]patrick-kosiol[DOT]de
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